CD Listening Club

Since October 2008, Jazz St. Louis has presented a CD Listening Club – an event held at Borders Books and Music in Brentwood. The program is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

The Jazz St. Louis CD Listening Club aims to help participants explore some of the great recordings of jazz, gain a deeper understanding of its impact on history and build an essential jazz library. Jazz St. Louis executive director Gene Dobbs Bradford serves as the moderator along with a celebrity guest host.

This hour-long aural journey of jazz is informal and lively, and has featured several groundbreaking CDs: “Ellington at Newport 1956,” “Giant Steps,” “Time Out,” “Charlie Parker with Strings,” and many more! More than 200 jazz lovers enjoyed the CD Listening Clubs during its inaugural season.

Keep checking back for the latest listing of upcoming CD Listening Club events!

For more information, call 314.289.4144 or email:

The Jazz St. Louis CD Listening Club is sponsored by the Whitaker Foundation.

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