Centene Jazz Education Center

Opened in November, 2014, the Centene Jazz Education Center is the premier location for jazz education in the St. Louis region. Housing Jazz St. Louis’s community and education programing, the Centene Jazz Education Center features fully equipped rehearsal spaces, practice rooms, a recording studio, computer lab, and lounge for students and parents.


Rehearsal Rooms

The Centene Jazz Education Center features two rehearsal rooms equipped with a piano or keyboard, drum set, and amplifiers for bass and guitar. The larger room (pictured left) can house an entire big band while the smaller room (pictured right) is ideal for a jazz combo. These rehearsal spaces house all JazzU rehearsals.

Rehearsal Studio for webCentene Jazz Ed Center for web-18

Practice Rooms

There are 5 dedicated practice rooms of various size in the Centene Jazz Education Center, able to host an individual up to a rhythm section.


11013547_10153166064926182_2127671309980708892_nRecording Studio

The Centene Jazz Education Centere boasts a fully functioning recording studio that is connected to three soundproof rooms for sound isolation. The recording studio is also connected to the sound board in the Ferring Jazz Bistro, opening the possibility for live recording or streaming from Jazz at the Bistro.


Computer Lab

The Centene Jazz Education Center features 5 workstations all equipped with music notation software, music editing software, access to an extensive listening library, and space for students to work and store projects.

Centene Jazz Ed Center for web-11

Trapp Lounge

The Trapp Lounge provides students and their parents a place to relax while waiting for rehearsal, catch up with friends while taking a break from practicing, or just a quiet spot to finish some homework before heading into rehearsal. The lounge features a small kitchenette plus a 48″ television that live streams all performances from the Bistro stage.

Trapp Lounge

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