Elementary Curriculum Partnerships

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Jazz St. Louis’s Elementary Curriculum Partnerships are a district-wide initiative with Jazz St. Louis, focusing on reaching general music teachers and students on a much deeper and more comprehensive level. At the heart of the partnership is Jazz Concepts for the Young Beginner (JCYB), an online curriculum resource featuring concept-based lessons that are interactive, fun, and educational. Designed using “Depth of Knowledge” levels, students learn rhythmic, harmonic, and improvisation concepts as well as develop a solid understanding of the social and cultural climate that made the development of jazz possible. See below for a sample lesson from JCYB.

Teachers and administrators in districts that participate in an Elementary Curriculum Partnership will work throughout the year with Jazz St. Louis education staff to successfully integrate JCYB into their pre-existing curriculum. Schools involved in this program will continue to receive support after the initial year through regular interaction with Jazz St. Louis education staff, field experience opportunities, and artists visits.

Elementary Curriculum Partnerships Include:

  • The JCYB curriculum resources, which includes access to all of our online lessons featuring downloadable handouts, musical examples, and even a forum to share ideas and resources with other teachers involved with Jazz St. Louis.
  • A minimum of 3 Professional Development Sessions with the Jazz St. Louis’s education staff and outside clinicians, to be scheduled on district-wide professional development days
  • In-school jazz performances designed as a year-end culmination to the partnership program
  • Free tickets to Jazz at the Bistro for teachers involved (subject to availability)

For the 2017-18 school year, Jazz St. Louis is partnering with St. Louis Public Schools. We are no longer accepting applications for this year. However, we are accepting applications for 2018-19. Click here to download an application.


Sample Lesson from JCYB

Here is the student handout to the “Meet the Big Band” lesson from JCYB (click to enlarge):

Page 12-13 screenshot

Click to listen to one of the accompanying tracks to this lesson, JazzU Blues.






Here is a section of the same lesson as it appears in the teacher guide (click to enlarge):

Teachers Guide Lesson 8 screenshot

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