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Below are pdf resources for teaching jazz in a small group setting, including information on learning tunes, improvisation, transcription, and theory. You will find it both in a larger resources and smaller, print ready resources on specific topics. Click on each section to download.

Student Resources – this is a larger document that includes all the handouts listed below

Individual Resources

1 Musician-Recording List
2 Practice Tips
3 How to Learn a New Tune
4 Circle of Fifths
5 Scales and Chords
6 Scales (all 12 keys)
7 Chords (all 12 keys)
8 Articulation
9 Transposition Chart
10 Keyboard Chart
11 General Rules for Chord Voicing
12 Piano Voicing for Non-Pianists
13 Piano Voicing for Pianists
14 Freddie Green Guitar Grips
15 Blues Bass Lines in F
16 Blues Bass Lines in B-Flat
17 Common Scat Syllables
18 Vocal Articulation Exercises
19 Recommended Tune List
20 Recommended Solo Transcriptions


Lead Sheets

21 Blues Progressions in F
22 Blues Progressions in Bb
23 Rhythm Changes in Bb
24 Blues Melodies
25 Autumn Leaves
26 All the Things You Are
27 Stella by Starlight


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