Cyrille Aimée

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“Aimée has a sweet, girlish voice that she controls with a sniper’s precision… a bravura turn, presented with a smile.” – The New York Times

Vocalist Cyrille Aimée was primarily raised in France by a French­/Dominican parentage. As a curious child, she would sneak out of her bedroom window to wander into the nearby gypsy encampments filled with those attending the annual Django Reinhardt Festival. She quickly fell in love with gypsy music and way of life; years later she would sing on street corners while traveling across Europe. While in the midst of one such odyssey, she found herself at the Montreux Jazz Festival, where she won first prize in the vocal competition—which financed her first album. Even more recently, Aimée caught the attention of Stephen Sondheim, who cast her in an Encore Special Presentation starring Bernadette Peters at New York’s City Center. The Wall Street Journal described Aimée as “astonishingly creative…with a brilliant sound, fresh ideas, impeccable rhythm and an overall approach that honors tradition without being shackled to the past.”

style: vocal jazz

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