Farshid Etniko featuring Sandy Weltman

Farshid Etniko TrioBorn in Iran, Farshid Etniko is a multi-instrumentist who started the guitar at the age of 16. He studied and worked in France for 15 years as industrial drafter, professional musician, and guitar and Middle Eastern instruments instructor before touring across Europe. Moving to St. Louis in 1999, Etniko began to mix his Middle Eastern influences with Latin jazz and blues to find his unique sound. Farshid Etniko cooks up music with Iranian, East Indian, and African spices, combining three different cities and countries, three different cultural environments, and three different languages, to create music that is not limited to one tradition.

While at home in the jazz realm, Sandy is equally skilled in blues, celtic, klezmer, Latin, and much more. He learned much of his harmonica styling while under the tutelage of harmonica wizard Howard Levy, a member of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. He has since gained international recognition in the World Harmonica Competitions. Weltman has won numerous awards and is equally skilled on the banjo. He currently performs his unique style of harmonica jazz in a duo, trio, & quartet setting.


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