Marcus Roberts Trio

Trio-2011d“Marcus Roberts demonstrates his technical virtuosity and passionate intelligence in impressive fashion. And yes, with soul. “ — Time Magazine

The Marcus Roberts Trio, featuring long-time members Jason Marsalis on drums and Rodney Jordon on bass, is known for its virtuosic style and entirely new approach to jazz trio performance. While most have the piano front and center, all members of the Marcus Roberts Trio share equally in shaping the direction of the music by changing its tempo, mood, texture, or form at any time. And they do this with lightning quick musical reflexes and creative imaginations. The trio is known for having almost telepathic communication on the stage. The Marcus Roberts Trio believes in ‘letting the music take over,’ and the result is a powerfully rhythmic and melodic sound that is filled with dynamic contrast. One of the most enjoyable aspects of watching this trio perform is that it is so evident that these three musicians are really having fun playing together!

Read Roberts’ full bio here.

style: straight-ahead/modern jazz

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