Sean Jones Quartet

Sean Jones“When Jones solos, soaring with a gentle strength as his band swells behind him, it’s not just a pretty melody…It’s praise.” JazzTimes

As has become evident over the course of his five previous albums, Sean Jones is particularly adept at conquering complex emotional depths through his trumpet playing and compositions. He has revealed himself to be among the most immensely expressive, versatile, and gifted players of his generation. With each new project, Jones peels back another layer to show a fresh peek at his soul. As puts it, “Jones embodies the 21st century jazz musician, an experimental, supremely talented type whose vision and sensibility encourages inclusion rather than separation.” Jones is joined by his stellar ensemble: a forceful, swinging group that showcases the spirit of the music and some of the most impressive young players of our time. No matter what angle they take on the subject, Jones and company’s blazing interactions reveals what any jazz fan knows is the greatest love of all: that between an artist and his music. As Jones says, “I like to play from the heart and not the head.”

Sean Jones, trumpet
Orrin Evans, piano
Luques Curtis, bass
Obed Calvaire, drums

style: modern/straight-ahead jazz

2014 Jazz Cruise Artist

Sean Jones’ Official Website

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