The Bad Plus Joshua Redman

TheBadPlusJoshuaRedman_credit_DavidJacobs-1429724918 small“The Bad Plus (plus one) roared as if a quartet were always lying just beneath the surface.” – The Los Angeles Times

As though it was always destined to be, powerhouse trio The Bad Plus finds their fated fourth member in longtime friend and collaborator, saxophonist Joshua Redman. When Redman joined the trio as a special guest a few years back, a brilliant collaboration was born. Redman’s melodic prowess blends seamlessly with the “avant-garde populism” of Reid AndersonEthan Iverson, and David King — pushing the boundaries of jazz beyond all imagination. Metroland describes the supergroup best: “It’s as though Redman is the long-lost fourth member of the group, just waiting to be snapped snugly into place. Imagine if the Beatles had spent the first decade of their career as a trio before adding Paul. It’s like that.”

Now touring as a four-part collective, The Bad Plus Joshua Redman have released an album of original compositions written by — and specifically for — this ensemble. As The Boston Globe says, “The new album seems to seal this collaboration as a creative unit on its own terms, not merely a band showcasing a featured soloist.

style: modern jazz

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