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Montez Coleman’s Annual Birthday Bash

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Montez Coleman’s annual birthday gig features music from his debut release New Beginnings.  The group encompasses everything from straight-ahead jazz to fusion, and features numerous original compositions of Coleman’s.  An East St. Louis native and Belleville resident, Coleman has toured the world with some of the biggest names in jazz. A long time member of the Roy Hargrove [...]

Lamar Harris presents Headnotic

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Lamar Harris’s intensely creative sound soothes the ears with melodic, abstract melodies that leave audiences craving for more. The music forces the listener’s mind and soul inside the sounds, releasing their energy into a place of solitude and relaxation.  Headnotic is Harris’s newest project, focusing on brand new, original compositions.

Erika Johnson Sings The Rolling Stones

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Vocalist Erika Johnson returns to the Bistro stage, and this time she's put together a show unlike any other. After digging deep into the crates, Johnson put together a collection of Rolling Stones songs that will leave audiences hearing both Johhnson and the Stones like they've never been heard before.

The Sounds of Joe Sample & George Duke w/ Good 4 The Soul & Reggie Thomas

By | 2018-06-29T23:55:14+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Categories: Past Shows|Tags: |

St. Louis’s premier contemporary funk and soul jazz group, Good 4 the Soul, with the help of special guest keyboardist Reggie Thomas, will pay tribute to the founding fathers of R&B/Soul/Funk/Jazz fusion that rose to prominence in the 1970s. Keyboardists Joe Sample of The Crusaders and George Duke made lasting impressions on the history of jazz [...]


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Combining two members of the world-class St. Louis Symphony and two of the city’s finest jazz musicians, The 442s are a genre-defying acoustic quartet named for the modern standard tuning of 442 Hz. Brought together by the innovative and inspired compositions of Adam Maness, who plays piano, guitar, accordion, melodica and glockenspiel in the group, The [...]

Celebrate Coltrane: The Adam Maness Trio w/ Special Guest Freddie Washington

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What happens when the Adam Maness Trio teams up with St. Louis legend, Freddie Washington, to celebrate the music of John Coltrane? You get an evening that is sure to expand the harmonic bandwidth of music itself.  Don't miss this one-night celebration of a man that single handedly shaped the art of jazz.  John Coltrane's legend [...]

Father’s Day with The Bosman Twins

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The Bosman Twins continue to mesmerize, dazzle and exhilarate audiences and this June their three-night Father’s Day weekend run is sure to bring the dazzle.  Masters of several woodwind instruments, the Emmy Award-winning duo are true ambassadors of music. Whether performing as a duo, with their quintet, or accompanying jazz greats, their renditions of jazz, R&B, [...]

David Sanborn Jazz Quintet

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David Sanborn has released 24 albums, won six Grammy Awards, and has had eight Gold albums and one Platinum. Having inspired countless other musicians, Dave has worked in many genres which typically blend instrumental pop, R&B and traditional jazz. He released his first solo album Taking Off in 1975, but has been playing the saxophone since before [...]

JazzU Big Band

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For nearly a decade, the JazzU program has identified the top middle and high school jazz talent in the St. Louis area and focused on teaching improvisation in a small-group setting. The JazzU Big Band is Jazz St. Louis’s first foray into creating an all-star student big band, which returns to Ferring Jazz Bistro stage on [...]