2017-18 JazzU Groups

JazzU largeCongratulations to those students accepted into the 2017-18 JazzU program. This year, more than 130 talented students audition to be part of this program, but unfortunately, we were not able to accept everyone that was deserving of a spot. To those who did not make it, we encourage you to try again next year.

All rehearsals will take place in the Centene Jazz Education Center on the third floor of the Harold and Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz, located at 3536 Washington Ave. Rehearsals begin September 11.

Adaron Jackson Group
Meeting time: Monday 5-7
Andrew Dressman – saxophone
Nick Brothers – saxophone
Henry Miller – trumpet
Thomas Curdt- trombone
Joseph Hartung – trombone
Jack Snelling – piano
Ben Reinwart – guitar
Josh Newburry – bass
Noah Ford – drums

Jazz St. Louis All-Stars
Instructor: Jason Swagler
Meeting time: Monday 6-8
Jordan Leftridge – saxophone
Wyatt Forhan – trombone
Connor Low – guitar
Blake Mickens – bass
Dominic Anzalone – guitar

Cody Henry Group
Meeting time: Monday 7-9
Kendal Blumenthal – saxophone
Rom McDaniel Jr. – saxophone
Allen Reed – trumpet
Jessica Powell – trombone
Reade Snelling – trombone
Zack Wild – piano
Sam AuBuchon – bass
Brittany O’Reilly – drums

Bob DeBoo Group
Meeting time: Tuesday 7-9
Brady Johnstone – saxophone
Jacob Fromme – saxophone
Edward Lee – trumpet
Jessie Kleine – trombone
Daniel Herrera – piano
Grant Argent – guitar
Ruth Christopher – bass
Jack Heet – drums

Andy Ament Group
Meeting time: Tuesday 7-9
Kalum Klausner – saxophone
Sarah Hughes – saxophone
Joey Holzen – trumpet
Dominick Randazzo – trombone
Gino Kler – piano
Clayton Watts – bass
Steven Berry – drums
Hannah McCrary – voice

Aaron Lehde Group
Meeting time: Wednesday 7-9
Miles Rogers – saxophone
Braden Purcell – saxophone
Carter Bowman – saxophone
Isaiah Wing – trumpet
Patrick McPheeters – trombone
Christian Ragain – piano
Spencer Kessler – guitar
Adam Burton – bass
Alexander Zhang – drums

Kaleb Kirby Group
Meeting time: Thursday 7-9
Claire Maue – saxophone
Ngone Seck – saxophone
Sydney Elsenraat – trumpet
Savanna Wooten – trombone
Haik Demirchian – trombone
Aidan Murrow – guitar
Sam Eckhoff – bass
Dorian Simms – drums

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