Coronavirus FAQ


In light of the current situation gripping the world, we wanted to provide you with additional information regarding ticketing, donations and to assure you we at Jazz St. Louis are still curating music, engaging the community and educating students. This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Q: Are all performances at Jazz St. Louis cancelled for the remainder of the season? 

A: Yes, all performances at the Ferring Jazz Bistro will be postponed to the 2020-2021 season or cancelled. This includes all performances through the end of May 2020.  

Q: How can I help Jazz St. Louis continue to preserve the uniquely American art of jazz during these unprecedented times?  

A: We encourage all of our supporters to consider two things: 

  1. Consider making a donation to our General Operating Fund. Click HERE to be directed to our online giving page and help Jazz St. Louis by making a gift of any amount in order to keep our operations healthy during this time of closure.
  2. Engage with us online! Follow any of our platforms linked below and help support the artists and educators that were a part of our regularly scheduled season. Jazz St. Louis is a hub for many talented musicians from around the region and the country who depend on these performances for their livelihood. Helping share their content and stories – as well as some behind-the-scenes clips of our own – is one way we can all help preserve jazz for the future. 

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Q: Will the summer series still take place? 

A: The summer series is still under consideration, and we will monitor the federal, state, and city guidelines to determine whether these shows will be available.  

Q: Are education programs like JazzU, Jazz Academy, and BeatNF still taking place? 

A: No, all education programs have been suspended for their usual in-person activities. JazzU and Jazz Academy are being moved into virtual spaces as much as possible to continue to provide access to jazz performance, theory, and history education. We will continue to follow the guidance of the local and regional school districts that our students attend in order to determine when it is safe to resume regular operation of our education programs.  

Q: What should I do with my tickets for this season’s performances? 

A: We are asking that all ticket holders consider donating back their tickets for this season. Jazz St. Louis’ budget is made up of 1/3 ticket sales and 2/3 contributions. We hope our ticket holders will donate their tickets back to the organization in order to keep our operations smooth and our organization financially healthy through these uncertain times. All ticket holders that choose to donate their tickets will receive a tax receipt that can be used for your 2020 taxes. However, if you do not wish to donate your tickets, we would be happy to provide a credit towards any concert in our 2020-21 season. Please email us at [email protected] with your full name and indicate if you would like to donate your tickets or request your credit for next season.

Q: How can I make a donation to Jazz St. Louis?  

A: Given these unpredictable times, we are encouraging supporters to make gifts through our newly launched online giving page found HERE or through a direct transfer from their bank through ACH. Checks received through the mail may take an additional few days to process as the postal service deliveries have been irregular due to the pandemic’s affect on operations. Feel free to call our Development Team at 314.881.3085 with any questions you may have.  

Q: I made a donation but I haven’t received a gift acknowledgment or tax receipt.  

A: Our goal at Jazz St. Louis is to get every donor’s acknowledgment and tax receipt in the mail within 72 hours from receipt of the gift. That said, with the mail service deliveries becoming more sporadic, we are unable to promise the quickest turnaround. We will get the receipts and acknowledgments in the mail as soon as possible, but if you would like a digital copy of your materials, feel free to contact the Development Team at 314.881.3085, and we would be happy to send those to you.  




Jazz St. Louis is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to lead our community in advancing the uniquely American art of jazz through live performance, education and community engagement.

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