Jazz Happens Podcast Series

The podcast discussing jazz in St. Louis from the artist’s perspective. Jazz Happens is brought to you by The Young Friends of Jazz St. Louis, and Drinks and Jazz at Nancy’s. Produced by Konfluenz Studios.

Episode 9: Artemis

Jazz Happens hosts Keith and Kurtis had an opportunity to sit with international jazz group, Artemis, to discuss their roots, influences, which other band names they considered, and who went to Berklee College of Music.

Episode 8: Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn is an embodiment of jazz in addition to being an advocate for young jazz musicians. Take a listen to our latest “Jazz Happens” podcast with the young songstress known for her incredible scat talents (yes, she showcases her improv abilities), where she invites all young musicians to contact her on Instagram with questions about music.

Episode 7: Marcus Strickland, Ron Miles and Matt Wilson

Marcus Strickland, Ron Miles and Matt Wilson talk about the importance of listening and being present in order to elevate the music experience for the musician as well as the audience.

Episode 6: Anat Cohen

Brooklyn-based and award-winning jazz clarinetist Anat Cohen joins our studios to discuss her process for approaching new projects, her style of playing, touring, and other questions from our JazzU and Jazz Academy students in this episode of Jazz Happens.

Episode 5: The Bad Plus

Progressive jazz scientists, The Bad Plus, continue to push the boundaries of jazz. Hear them talk about their latest album, Never Stop II, the roots of their unique sounds, the idea of being a band, and more.

Episode 4: Christian McBride

The award-winning and multi-talented bassist Christian McBride shares thoughts on why he chose to record his latest album, New Jawn, at Jazz St. Louis.

Episode 1-3: John Ellis, Ulysses Owens Jr., Ruben Rogers, and Peter Martin

John Ellis, Ulysses Owens Jr., Ruben Rogers, and Peter Martin join Jazz Happens hosts Curtis and Keith to joyfully discuss each artist’s various projects and their experiences working with the Jazz St. Louis Artist Residency program in this 3-part episode.