2020-21 JazzU Groups

Congratulations to those students accepted into the 2020-21 JazzU program. This year, even in the midst of a pandemic, more than 100 talented students audition to be part of this program, but unfortunately, we were not able to accept everyone. To those who did not make it, we encourage you to try again next year.

JazzU will begin the year with virtual instruction. We will alternate between meeting in the JazzU groups listed below, in instrument-specific groups, and in seminars, discussing topics like music theory and jazz history. Schedules will alternate based on the type of instruction and will be sent out before the program begins the week of September 14th.

Jazz St. Louis All-Stars

Directed by Jason Swagler

Braden Purcell, saxophone
Josiah Burton, trumpet
Reade Snelling, trombone
Jameson Falconer, voice
William Jaffe, bass
Asher Gunn, drums
Henry Reinwart, piano
Aidan Bartholet, guitar

Andy Ament Group

Alexander Thomas, saxophone
Gro Kelrick, saxophone
Sam Herbig, trumpet
Hannah Doyle, trombone
Patrick Parsley, bass
Elly Christopher, drums
Elijah Pippin, piano
Sawyer Spence, guitar

Bob DeBoo Group

Carter Bowman, saxophone
Preston Jones, saxophone
Jake Hinz, trumpet
Thomas Gustafson, trombone
Jonas Wall, bass
Tonnie Kamkwalala Jr., drums
Jude Fucetola, piano
Samuel Herrera, guitar

Cody Henry Group

Ezekiel Kolb, saxophone
Jason Schlote, saxophone
Charles Ludwig, trombone
Claire Klingler, trombone
Lucie Herrick, bass
Kai Sanford, drums
Liam McLaughlin, piano
Sam Castro, guitar

Adaron Jackson Group

Miles Rogers, saxophone
Reed Gunn, saxophone
Carter Stanton, trumpet
Owen Jeffcoat, trombone
Joshua Last, bass
Jared Spears, drums
Sonia Bergfeld, piano

Kaleb Kirby Group

Michael Fernandez, saxophone
Casey Brooks, flute
Anand Mysoreka, trumpet
Miles Cole, trombone
Evan Wohlrabe, bass
Drew Eickel, drums
Luke Missey, piano

Aaron Lehde Group

Gabi Brent, saxophone
Porter Sayers, saxophone
Luke Jarboe, trumpet
Sadie Tanner, voice
Race Brighton, bass
Jaden Jones, drums
Holly Conner, piano